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Up In The Sky (4:09)
House Full Of Bullets (5:33)
Crystal Planet (4:34)
Love Thing (3:50)
Trundrumbalind (5:13)
Lights Of Heaven (4:23)
Rasberry Jam Delta-V (5:21)
Ceremony (4:53)
With Jupiter In Mind (5:47)
Secret Prayer (4:27)
A Train Of Angels (3:42)
A Piece Of Liquid (3:04)
Psycho Monkey (4:36)
Time (5:05)
Z.Z.'s Song (3:00)

MAK'S REVIEW: Crystal Planet offers a view into the next phase of Satriani music. Instead of his classic boogies and typical rock progressions, Joe has moved towards the rock fusion genre. Once again, Joe has reinvented his style and stimulated a new group of listeners. The album also features two of the best players in the business: Stu Hamm on bass and Jeff Campitelli on drums. With these two band members, Joe has created an album that is both energetic and emotional. From the metal-influenced "With Jupiter in Mind" to the melodic phrases of "A Train of Angels", Crystal Planet illustrates the development of a highly successful instrumentalist throughout the years of his public existence.

Star Rating (out of 5): *****

EVAN'S REVIEW: Crystal Planet is amazing when one thinks about it - Satriani has already released 9 acclaimed, artistic, original, and entertaining albums. With CP he proves that he's not slowing down - at all. Crystal Planet teams Joe up with virtuoso bassist Stu Hamm and long time collaborater Jeff Campitelli. It is an awesome display of Joe's never-fading skills, and pretty much every song is excellent. A Train of Angels, the hit single, displays Summer Song-esque hard rock, Raspberry Jam Delta-v makes you want to get up and move around and even has a hint of techno hidden in the background, and the title track is a fast paced bombardment of guitar licks. For those of you who like Joe's blues jamming there's House Full of Bullets, and for those who like powerful riffage, Up in the Sky is perfect. The title is very appropriate because when you listen to this album, it has a very unique aura, and you feel like you're on some distant planet. Crystal Planet has something for everyone, and the album deserves to be on anybody's "must get" list.

Star Rating (Out of 5): *****


Entertainment Weekly
[Crystal Planet] breaks no new ground, relying instead on signature power ballads, big-hearted anthems, and crunching rockers. . . . Satriani is an old-fashioned guitar hero, an antic wailer, and a romantic at heart. . . .

A review by critic Howard Johnson ( Emap Consumer Magazines Limited. For personal use only)
Satriani's dexterity has never been in doubt and here again he provides the full repertoire. Those for whom endless guitars doing endless solos may flounder, but within his genre Satriani has consistently been one of its best exponents. His band (mostly bassist Stuart Hamm, drummer Jeff Campitelli and keyboardist Eric Caudieux) is tight enough to keep up alongside their leader with staggering ease. The suspicion is that this is music made by extremely accomplished musical anoraks and tracks like With Jupiter In Mind or Ceremony are made to be appreciated rather than enjoyed.

CMJ New Music Report
On CRYSTAL PLANET Satch provides his fans with exactly what they've come to expect: crunching riffs, soaring melodies, chord changes and solos from heaven. He deviates little from such past releases as THE EXTREMIST and SURFING WITH THE ALIEN, and as the saying goes: "if it ain't broke". That's not to say he doesn't stay contemporary, as "Raspberry Jam Delta-V" effectively dabbles in electronica as subtle background noise.
"Love Thing" is a beautiful ballad and potential single, and Satch is able to make the guitar "talk". There are also elements of funk ("A Piece Of Liquid") and metal ("With Jupiter In Mind"). But his skills shine through the most when he shreds, and nobody does it better. Quite simply, the man is a virtuoso and probably one of the most influential Instrumental Rock artists of his generation. He shows he can play at the speed of light while fitting all these speedy solos into the context of the song. CRYSTAL PLANET continues the legacy of a man who shows that no matter how much technology advances, there is no substitute for a wailin' guitar.

Some consumer reviews:
~If you like musicians with talent, this album is a must-have! Satch has never failed to deliver great music, and is THE best guitarist of the past decade. And if you ever get the chance to see him live, go - you won't regret it.

~After his very disappointing previous eponymously title CD, Joe Satriani rediscovers his instrumental rock roots with Crystal Planet. Satriani has set the standard for thousands of guitarists worldwide, and though this is not the best work that he is capable of, Crystal Planet once again makes it obligatory for guitar players and people of good musical taste to rush to the record store quicker than one of his harmonic minor legato runs!

~Joe Really Hit a home run on this one!!! He really gets down into my musical soul.I would rate this one in his top 3 or 4. My personal favorite is Lights of Heaven.

~This is Satriani at his best. If you like Satriani, you REALLY owe it to yourself to buy this album. Satriani uses all kinds of crazy modes and scales as usual, and really brings out all of his talents and interests with this masterpiece.

~Very few albums (especially instrumental) can send shivers down my spine but this one did. There isn't a weak track on the whole CD. Joe is truly an ARTIST and not one of these Satch-wanna-bes who put out albums that are nothing but scale exercises done at warp 9. (Vinne Moore comes to mind) Satriani is (as always) an oasis in a wasteland of mainstream top 40 and "alternative" drivel.

~A must have for all fans of guitar music!!

ALBUM CREDITS:Personnel: Joe Satriani (guitar, harmonica, keyboards, guitar synthesizer, bass, hand claps); Eric Cadieux (keyboards, programming); Stuart Hamm (bass); Eric Valentine, Jeff Campitelli (drums, percussion, hand claps); Rhoades Howe, Elk Thunder (percussion); Mike Manning, Mike Fraser (hand claps).