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The Crush of Love 4:20
Ice 9 3:58
Memories 8:46
Hordes of Locusts 5:08

MAK'S REVIEW: Dreaming #11 is a short, 4 song EP that Joe released in order to hold his fans over until the release of Flying in a Blue Dream in 1989. The album consists of one new studio cut, plus three live tracks from his previous two studio releases. Ironically, the one studio song "The Crush of Love" sounds much better live on Time Machine Disc 2. The other three live songs are excellent each with more energy than the studio tracks. The biggest problem with this album? It's only 4 tracks long.

Star Rating (out of 5): ****

EVAN'S REVIEW: Anything of Joe live tends to be excellent, and Dreaming #11 is no exception. The first track is "The Crush Of Love," which is the only studio track. Although I love all of Joe's stuff, this song is not one of my favorites, but the live tracks are incredible, not to mention highly entertaining. Joe shows of his virtuosity in the live tracks, playing some of the most mind-blowing licks he can squeeze out of his axe. Unfortunately it's too short, so I'd recommend getting this CD last of the bunch just to complete your collection.

Star Rating (Out of 5): *** 1/2


CMJ New Music Report
Well, the master of the whammy bar is back with an EP to tide everyone over until his next full-length album. The A-side, "Crush Of Love," is so sappy that it makes my stomach turn, but AOR stations will probably eat it up. It's the B-side where things get interesting: three live tracks of songs from his two solo LPs, each displaying Joe's chops to a jaw-dropping extent.

Some consumer reviews:
~This CD takes you to another level that Joe has made it to and other guitar players dream of reaching