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Empirical Jam has made a few new recordings recently just for the hell of it cause jamming is fun. Details below.

Room Fulla Bullets (14:06)Originally Written by Joe Satriani
Mak Hofmann - Guitar
Evan Brown - Bass guitar
RFB is our version of Joe Satriani's "House Full of Bullets" (Track 2 of Crystal Planet). It is a 14-minute jam over the main blues riff, and it really wails. With the drum machine set, we get carried away and are immersed in our music for almost a quarter of an hour. It includes massive shreds of the fretboard c/o Mak, and bass improv galore by Evan. It was the first song EJam ever recorded.

Kody (4:19)
Written by Evan Brown
Evan Brown - Guitars
Evan Brown - Bass guitar
Mak Hofmann - Drums/programming
Produced and Mixed by Mak Hofmann

Kody is an instrumental written by Evan originally for his band, Counterflow, who are no longer together. This is the new version, recorded on 4/24/00, and although a little sketchy and although Evan accidentally skipped a section, it's still pretty cool. It's pretty simple chord progressions with multiple key changes and solos galore.

Jam Song 9
Written by Mak Hofmann
Mak Hofmann - Rhythm guitar and second guitar solo
Evan Brown - Bass guitar and first guitar solo
Mak Hofmann - Drums/programming
Produced and Mixed by Mak Hofmann

Mak wrote Jam Song 9 and originally recorded it by himself, and on the same day Kody was rerecorded, this song was also, with Evan providing bass and the first of two guitar solos. Mak really tears it up on this song with his shredding solos.