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Devil's Slide (5:08)
Flavor Crystal 7 (4:25)
Borg Sex (5:27)
Until We Say Goodbye (4:31)
Attack (4:20)
Champagne? (6:04)
Clouds Race Across the Sky (6:14)
The Power Cosmic 2000 - Part I (2:09)
The Power Cosmic 2000 - Part II (4:23)
Slow and Easy (4:44)
Engines of Creation (5:57)

MAK'S REVIEW: coming soon

Star Rating (out of 5): N/A

EVAN'S REVIEW: The much awaited new release from Satch is finally here, and once again it's a rollercoaster of ingenius guitar work. In Engines of Creation, the Satch man used no speakers - just plugged right into a computer and with the help of Eric Caudieux created some amazing techno-touched guitar masterpieces. There is a lot of variety on this CD, and the songs are nothing short of incredible. Joe's methods of mixing guitars and computers are revolutionary, creating such groundbreaking songs as "Borg Sex" and "Devil's Slide." The first single, "Until We Say Goodbye," is beautifully done, and actually has a real drummer. "Champagne?" features Joe on slide guitar with an amazing two-handed section and an uplifting mixolydian solo session, and the title track is a spiritual way to end the album. This album proves Joe's versatility and ability as a performer, songwriter, and guitarist. One bit of warning: many fans have found this album hard to get used to, but it definately grows on you. I wouldn't reccomend this as a first buy for new fans. Engines of Creation is Joe playing from his heart... What more could you ask?

Star Rating (Out of 5): ****


[None currently available]

Produced by Joe Satriani and Eric Caudieux.