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Flying In A Blue Dream 5:28
Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing 5:05
Can't Slow Down 4:46
Headless 1:28
Strange 4:55
I Believe 5:50
One Big Rush 3:20
Big Bad Moon 5:13
The Feeling 0:52
The Phone Call 3:00
Day at the Beach2:03
Back to Shalla-Bal 3:15
Ride 4:58
The Forgotten (part 1) 1:10
The Forgotten (part 2) 5:10
The Bells of Lal (part 1) 1:19
The Bells of Lal (part 2) 4:08
Into the Light 2:25


MAK'S REVIEW: Flying in a Blue Dream illustrates a step to the next level of musical genius for Joe Satriani. Not only has he constructed intricate and polchritudinal melodies, but he has added the power of his own voice to six of the eighteen tracks. Joe set out to complete the difficult task of creating a follow-up album to Surfing with the Alien. In my opinion, he couldn't have done a better job. The album contains Joe classics such as "Flying in a Blue Dream", "The Mystical Potato Head Grove Thing", "I Believe", "Big Bad Moon", and "Back to Shalla-Bal". If you don't have this album already, I suggest you go out and get it as soon as you can.

Star Rating (out of 5): *****

EVAN'S REVIEW: Of all of Joe's CD's, this one is found in my stereo the most. It features 6 vocal tracks including the classic Big Bad Moon, the spiritual I Believe, and the punkish Can't Slow Down. Other lyrically enhanced cuts include Ride and The Phone Call. Not to mention the exceptional instrumentals such as the title track, the funky The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, and all the great other tunes. If Back to Shalla-Bal (one of my favorite Satriani songs) doesn't blow you away, nothing will. Plus, the number of tracks (18) make this buy an excellent value. Some of it is different, but it's got a lot of great stuff on it. I'm not gonna stop listening to this one for a while (ever?).

Star Rating (Out of 5): *****


A review by Jim White (© Emap Consumer Magazines Limited. For personal use only)
An extensive re-issue of work by the guitarist who, if he had sold an album every time a contemporary axeman had mentioned him as an inspiration, would have shifted, well, considerably more units than he has actually managed. The man has guested on Spinal Tap's last album, for goodness sake. He knows his Hendrix, has mastered the feedback, seems at home in a range of eclectic styles, and, as revealed on Flying In A Blue Dream (1990), he is a capable singer. Oh and he has the hair, the pout, and what appears to be a small rain-forest glued to his chest. All, you might think, the pre-requisites. Not Of This Earth (1986) was a self-financed affair when no-one else would back him, Surfing With The Alien (1987) his biggest seller and Flying In A Blue Dream his occasionally over-ambitious, hour-long megawork. Perhaps a little on the harsh side for those who prefer their guitar to be twanged George Benson style, perhaps a little soft-edged for those who prefer their metal intimidatory, this is nonetheless guitar-playing to be reckoned with. Maybe now it will sell.

CMJ New Music Report
Guitar hero and teacher to everyone from Steve Vai to Kirk Hammett to Larry Lalonde, Joe Satriani is back with a new LP that sets him even further away from the rest of the Satch wannabees. This highly powerful and emotional record is full of all the riffs and leads that made this hero the legend that he's become, while incorporating a few new elements, like... HE ACTUALLY SINGS! He's pretty good, too! (Although his vocals on "Can't Slow Down" are so late Ozzy-era Sabbath that it's scary.) Even though it often carries a retro-type style, Satch manages to keep the record sounding contemporary. And we don't even need to say how amazing his guitar playing is. Also check "One Big Rush," the banjo-bluesy "The Phone Call" and the title track.

Some consumer reviews:
~My life partner gave me this CD for Christmas and I've been blown away all day while listening to it. The music sings, cries, moans and's awesome!!! That someone could coax so much emotion out of strings of steel - it just amazes me. Luv it!

~Guitar lovers will fawn over this exceptional album, and rightly so, but Satriani clearly did not want to emphasize his virtuosic talent on this disc. If he had, he wouldn't have written any lyrics, for one, and he wouldn't have delved into deeper, feeling chords. In short, everything would have sounded like "Back To the Shala-Bal," which is a good song, but stands out as a speedy song amidst the others on the CD. The disc itself reads like a long poem, with sped up cantos and bedrided soliloquies. Eventually, he ends up "Into the Light," the closing piece that immediately compells you to get up and start over on track one. Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was "I Believe," a touching comment on the world that I think could have made Top 40 radio had it been released. But it's just one of many great songs, and it's not only for guitar players. Satriani transcends that line between virtuoso and composer. Play it when you're sad, alone, and it's raining again.


~joe satriani is by far the best guitar player in the world as a soloist . He is the greatest fountain of inspiration for today's guitarists. His godlike command of his instrument and composition ability has launched another masterpiece for electric guitar . All songs are absolutely excellent but bells of lal,forgotten and flying in a blue dream are my favourite ones .Also big bad moon is my another favourite song with vocals and strong musical basement . This album is a must for every life form in the universe.BUY OR DİE!

~Flying in a Blue Dream is definitely some of Satch's best work to date. The songs "The Forgotten" and "Flying in a Blue Dream" are both truly inspired instrumentals, while the song, "I Believe" is actually a very good vocal piece, sung by Satch himself. The album has a bit more vocal songs than I prefer, but the awesome instrumentals more than make up for it.

~This CD is the one which Joe does his best work.Playing is excellent and the arrangements are perfect. Listening to this CD will surely improve your approach to music. A very perfect mixture of technique and soul. After listening to this CD you will recognise which student of him using which technique that Joe has tought them.