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Cool #9 (6:47)
Flying In A Blue Dream (5:59)
Summer Song (6:28)


Zap (6:07)
Manhattan (5:16)
Camel's Night Out (5:57)


Answers (6:58)
For The Love Of God (7:47)
The Attitude Song (5:14)


Going Down (5:47)
My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (5:21)
Red House (9:12)


MAK'S REVIEW: The G3 CD features three of the world's best guitarists (Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, and Steve Vai) all playing live on one stage. Joe plays "Cool #9, "Flying in a Blue Dream", and "Summer Song", which was nominated for a Grammy. Next up is Eric Johnson, who plays an excellent set consisting of "Zap", "Manhattan", and "Camel's Night Out". The album realy comes alive when Steve Vai takes the stage. He burns through his three song set with precision and energy unmatched by perhaps any guitarist. Joe and Eric each give excellent performances, but the showman Vai plays with unrivaled energy. The album is completed with a jam involving all three virtuosos. They play "Going Down" an old Jeff Beck tune, "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" courtesy of Frank Zappa, and "Red House" by the one who started it all, Jimi Hendrix. In the first two, the G3 guitarists easily create tracks that are far superior to the ones the original artists recorded. However, the honor of creating the best rendition of "Red House" still belongs to Mr. Hendrix. Nevertheless, every other track on this album is amazing.

Star Rating (out of 5): ****1/2

EVAN'S REVIEW: G3 is great because it has three terrific guitarists all in one. First off is Joe who plays three of his hits - Cool#9, FIABD, and Summer Song. This is the only CD where you get to hear Cool #9 performed live, but the other two songs are also well played, with a little Stu Hamm action at the beginning of Summer Song. Next comes Eric Johnson, who plays some impressive originals that properly show off his obvious talent with the instrument. After Johnson, Vai comes on and tears up the stage with Answers, For the Love of God, and The Attitude Song. Finally you get to the moment you've been waiting for - all three G-ers jam it out together. The three songs feature ripping solos from all three of our heroes, and they shouldn't disappoint. Joe plays great on this CD, as do the other two, and you get more for your money if you buy it, even though you've heard his songs before. I would recommend it, especially at unnecessarily loud volumes (note: that was a joke, don't kill your ears).

Star Rating (Out of 5): ****


A review by critic Paul Henderson ( Emap Consumer Magazines Limited. For personal use only.):
With three of the world's foremost fretboard gymnasts together on a concert bill, you might expect the results to be little more than an orgy of note-dense, never-mind-the-music-listen-to-the-speed hot air. And although you wouldn't be completely off the mark, this album falls well short of such a nightmarish vision. Fortunately, in addition to mind-boggling technique, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson each have a musicality that sets them apart from the rest of the guitar gods pack, and which is strongly in evidence on the three tracks each of them performs with their respective bands. Put the three guitarists in the spotlight together for the finale (Zappa's My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Hendrix's Red House), on the other hand, and you're looking at something approaching the brain-liquidising musical equivalent of a nuclear meltdown.

Some Consumer Reviews:
~ It was this CD that inspired me to pick up a guitar and get serious about my music. When the CD came on, and I heard Joe Satriani rip into Cool#9, I litterally jumped out of my seat. The amazing musicianship of Satriani, Johnson and Vai, combined with the artistic improvisations and magical tones, comes together to create what in my opinion is an album that will inspire anyone who appreciates talent. To my heroes, Satriani, Johnson and Vai, they have done a heck of a job.

~ G3-Live in Concert Brings the three greatest guitarists alive for twelve tracks of amazing music. For those who were not as fortunate as i too see them live this brings you a taste of the power they produce together on stage. You can't get any better.

~ This is by far one of the BEST CD'S you can buy!! Even if you are not that much into guitar, I still highly suggest it. This just might be the CD to convert you!!

~ If you like guitar you must have this CD.