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5.19.03 - A MESSAGE FROM MAK AND EVAN: As some of you might have noticed, we haven't been the most diligent of site updaters over the past few years, and the site hasn't been completely up to date for a little while now. Rest assured we are both still as maniacally devoted Satch fans as ever, but going off to college and pursuing our own projects has restricted our free time and ability to devote efforts to the site that we love so much. As I write this, our total hit count has reached around 42,000 - and we are grateful that this has become such a popular site for Satriani fanatics and we are proud to have delivered the necessary info to fellow fans. But unfortunately it is with some amount of sadness that we are announcing our retirement from maintaining this site. We are going to leave it up for as long as it is possible, but, as many have no doubt already noticed, it will be extremely out of date. Hopefully what we have will be enough to entertain you anyway and enough to turn new listeners on to the world of Joe Satriani!

Thanks for visiting and for making this the most popular website that either of us have put together. Feel free to continue to sign the guestbook and to visit our other sites, and After the Fall. Keep on rockin'!

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