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Surfing with the Alien 4:20
Ice 9 4:08
Crushing Day 5:16
Always with Me, Always with You 3:20
Satch Boogie 3:10
The Hill of the Skull 1:46
Circles 3:27
Lords of Karma 4:46
Midnight 1:42
Echo 5:38


MAK'S REVIEW: The remaster is exactly what this album needed. This newly remastered version of Surfing with the Alien is much better than the first. Same great songs, but now they sound much better. The tracks sound much clearer, especially the drums. More bass, plus new liner notes and rare photos are also included in the remaster. A great album just got better. Definately worth buying.

Star Rating (out of 5): *****

EVAN'S REVIEW: Surfing With The Alien is a revolutionary album that just got an extra kick with the remastering. The sound seems deeper and fuller, and is worth checking out if you have the original. The liner notes and new photos inside are great also, my favorite being the hilarious "full donnie" suit...

Star Rating (out of 5): *****