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Welcome the the Joe Satriani Fan Pages Webring Start Page

The qualifications for joining this webring are:

1. The site must be related to Joe Satriani.

2. The site must have the proper HTML added to it.

3. The site must contains both pictures and information on Joe Satriani.

4. We reserve the right not to list any site that does not meet the above criteria.

First Step

1. You must submit your site. After you do this, you will be mailed a site ID# and the password that you enter.

Second Step

2. You must add the HTML fragment that you receive in your e-mail to the site. Your site will not be listed until this is done and will be removed if you remove this HTML fragment. ATTENTION: You may need to change the SITE ID, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND SITE NAME. It should do it automatically though. Just make sure.

Third Step

3. You must E-mail me at MTH619@yahoo.comto tell me that you have completed steps one and two. You also need to tell me where I can find the webring HTML fragment on your page. Once the HTML fragment is up, your site will be added.